Music for Calling the Angels


               List of Songs:

cover cd-1

  • Letter To My Angel 3’08”
    Curse On The Lover Who Leaves ( Romanian folk ) 4’20” –
    The Waterfalls of Sounds 3’13”
    Remembering Brahms 1’23”
    Wing Heartbeat 3’35”
    System 4’08”
    Rhythm 3’29”
    Soliloquy 4’29”
    Longing for Rachmaninov 3’32”
    Dialogue 5’10”
  • Songs: 1,3,5,6,7,8,10 – composer & writer Radu Seu
    Songs: 2,4,9 – arrangement by Radu Seu


Listen to Radu’s songs here:

1.Letter To My Angel:

2.Curse On The Lover Who Leaves:

3.The Waterfalls of Sounds:

4.Remembering Brahms:

5.Wing Heartbeat:




9.Longing for Rachmaninov:

10. Dialogue:



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